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 Teaching Assistant recruitment

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Tâm trạng : Tôi vui
Ngày tham gia : 25/08/2012

Bài gửiTiêu đề: Teaching Assistant recruitment   Wed Sep 26, 2012 3:05 pm

You want to become an energetic student?
You are searching for a broader and dynamic network of friends?
You want to explore Hanoi’s beauty Want to join our outdoor English course in the most dreaming landscap
e in Hanoi?
You feel confident about your English? And want to further improve your ability in an English speaking community?
Join our English Tour project as a teaching assistant (TA)!

Who are we
BC Group is a cultural & social organization founded on Dec 25th 2006. “BC” stands for “Friends & Sincerity” with the slogan "A Place for Friends".

Currently, BC has an active network with thousands of members and collaborating organizations. Our members are experts in different fields and are unified by a common value "Friends & Sincerity." They work in the environment from which they can learn & develop themselves. Everyone has the opportunity to strive for the best of his ability. This is the core value which fosters us to develop deeply and widely with invaluable experiences and our brightest ideas.

English Tour

English Tour is the very first course in Vietnam intentionally designed to bring an open, communicative atmosphere for the English learners. With high quality curriculums taught by our skillful native teachers, as well as outdoor activities in famous spots around Hanoi, we believe that our course will help learners significantly improve their English - a chance to open the door to a better future.
More information at :

For the success of our up-coming English Courses, we now in need of friendly, enthusiastic, brilliant teaching assistants.

Detailed Information:

Number: 4-6 TAs
Interviewing time: 1st October
Training time: 2nd - 4th October
New course kickoff on 7th October

Job description

Build and polish up the plan for incoming lesson, especially for teamwork activities.
Prepare handouts for each lesson.
Support students and teachers during lessons.
Perform some related administration works


You will have the opportunity to:

Boost your English as you work in an entire English environment and with foreign teachers.
Develop valuable soft skills: team-working, leadership, presentation, etc.
Become a BCer and have a chance to broaden your social network.
Certificate of participant from BC Group.
Receive financial support.
Have the chance to become our official teacher with an attractive salary.


For those who wish to become our Teacher Assistant, please follow the link: fill our form of application.


Hotline: 0902.217.998/0968.157.687(Ms.Ngoc)
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Teaching Assistant recruitment
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