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 How to learn English when you are lazy

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: How to learn English when you are lazy   Wed Nov 09, 2011 8:55 pm


How to learn English when you are lazy

To tell the truth, I'm not the kinda such hard-working students :"]. However, this finally brings me some experience of how to learn English when I'm lazie Razz

♥️ I always make use of all the opportunities to learn English, esp speaking. All other members of my family can hardly speak English, so I must practice at home by myself. It sounds ridiculous, but I talk to myself in English almost all the time when I'm alone. Washing dishes, clothes, bathing :"}, going on the streets..., all of them are my own wonderful spaces and time to practice speaking English on my own and for myself. Thus, after a short time of doing that way, I find speaking English something natural, as Vietnamese always say " easy like eating candies " To some extent, I find it much more convenient when express my ideas in English

♥️ Next, I try to participate in all the activities in which I can use my English. For instance, it can be a trip around Hanoi, working as a tour guide for a professor coming from England. What else can be members of English Club , where u can not only make friends, enjoy urselves but also learn a lot from others. Another more academic stuff is ur attitude at school. You should make use of all opportunities to raise ur voice, to speak out loud, to use ur English. That's what I've done!

♥️ Last but not least, another strange way to improve your English. Helping others, it's my choice!
A story from my own experience. After a long time just focusing on the skills, I found my English grammar dying day after day. As for me, sitting at the table and doing this and then that and then another exercise is something so terrible. Therefore, I go on my own way. I gather all my younger cousins who want to learn English grammar, and teach them twice a week. Being a teacher is something so noble that inspired me so much As a result, I had to prepare a lot to be a good teacher. And I save my own English grammar when lending others a hand.
Another example is the idea of building a library in my class. Everyone writes the name of the books they have, and then they exchange the books with others, which can both save money and raise the solidarity of the whole class Being a member of the class, I myself benefited a lot from that idea
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How to learn English when you are lazy
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